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We are a small firewood business based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire offering a friendly & reliable service.

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What could be better than getting cosy in front of a fire with friends and family?

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kiln dried

Our kiln drying process results less than 17% moisture content which provides the ultimate clean burn with maximum heat output. Kiln dried firewood burns with a higher heat output and greater efficiency than seasoned logs.


All our timber is locally sourced from sustainably managed woodlands. We then process the raw timber into cut split logs. The logs are then dried in our biomass fuelled drying kiln,

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We offer a free delivery service within a 10 mile radius of HD2 1UT on orders of £100 and above. You may also collect in person from our address Mon -Saturday.


Kiln dried firewood burns with a higher heat output and greater efficiency, available in various quantities.

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Kindling bundles, available in various quantities.

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Biomass Boilers

Using our state of the art Glen farrow Biomass Boiler we dry the logs to around 17% moisture content to ensure a clean, smokeless burn.

Fire Pits & Chimineas

Now that we have an idea of what the roadmap out of lockdown looks like, many of us are getting excited about the prospect of having friends in the garden. This now means barbecues, garden parties and catching up with friends and families are back on the cards. And for that, you might as well chuck a fire pit or chiminea into the mix! Perfect for toasting marshmallows while you keep your hands and toes warm around an open fire and for keeping cosy, because this is the UK we're talking about. When the sun sets and you're long overdue a catch up, the last think you want to do is cut your hang out time short because you're cold and restrictions don't allow you to head inside.

Locally Sourced & Sustainable

We take pride in only selling sustainable log bags that are sourced from responsibly thinned woodland. Whilst buying imported wood may seem like value for money, it comes with negatives. It creates a huge carbon footprint as crates of logs are unnecessarily transported thousands of miles across Europe by trucks fuelled by diesel. Many logs come from Latvia, which is 1,500 miles from Yorkshire, for example, and it takes at least 24 hours to cover that distance in a vehicle. It’s much harder to trace the origins of imported firewood and it is more likely to come from mass culled woodland, destroying the natural habitat for wildlife. Unfortunately many retailers do not pay enough attention to the origin of their wood, meaning some retailers are encouraging the unnecessary destruction of forests. Importing firewood increases the risk of new diseases being introduced to British woodland. With the United Kingdom being an island nation, our forestry is fairly isolated and vulnerable to foreign disease. Our ash trees are under particular threat from pests and disease so we must all do our bit to protect British woodland.